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Does Build Your Closet offer In-Home Consultations?

Yes we do! Build Your Closet offers In-Home Consultations. Your Consultation includes measuring services, design services, and a 3D rendering of your custom project, all for $35. Our Luxury Closet Consultant will measure your space, present our portfolio, complete the design request form with you and make suggestions as well as coordinate your closet options with the style of your current home. The consultant will provide all design information to the Build Your Closet Team, we will then design a rendering of your project for you within a few business days. Build Your Closet currently offers In-Home Consultations to the Upstate area of SC, Metro areas of Charlotte, NC, and areas surrounding Atlanta, GA. Please contact us to schedule your In-Home Consultation.

Does Build Your Closet offer Professional Organization Services?

Absolutely! Build Your Closet offers Professional Organization services. Whether you are purchasing a custom closet from Build Your Closet or not, we would be happy to provide this service for you. Our Professional Organization Consultant specializes in assessing and organizing any home or office space. Our consultant will also discuss purchasing any organization items you may need such as baskets, tubs, or hangers. Our cosultant charges a reasonable rate of $40 per hour. Please contact us if you would like to schedule this service.

To which states do you sell custom closets?

Build Your Closet is located in the Greenville, SC area, but provides custom closet services statewide to NC, SC, and GA, including the metro areas of Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

Is there a warranty available?

Yes! We offer a lifetime, non-transferable warranty. Please read over our warranty policy for these details.

What type of material is my closet made of?

Build Your Closet only uses top-quality materials such as those found in the healthcare industry: MDF and HDF material themoformed with high-pressure 3D laminate. Build Your Closet creates a material that is seamless, scratch-resistant, and is a great solution for custom cabinetry. This way, you can enjoy a closet with a wood grain or textured look and a durable, always brand-new looking feel.

How does the design process work?

After completing and submitting the design form, our engineer will take your selections and create a 3D rendering of your custom closet, using as many of your choices as possible that will fit within your price range. The rendering will provide a scaled drawing, in a 3D image, for your approval. Once you receive your rendering though your Build Your Closet account, please review it and approve for manufacturing. Of course, if the rendering does not meet your expectations, let us know and we will make adjustments. Once you have approved the rendering, you will have the opportunity to place your order.

How do our custom closets differ from closet organizers?

Build Your Closet's custom closets are designed and built with a "back wall" design. This "back wall" creates a free-standing luxurious look as well provides signficiant stability and durability by being several inches thick. Another difference is the core material. Build Your Closet only uses MDF and HDF material, which is used in most custom cabinetry. Our drawer interiors are made of birch wood and cabinet hardware is commercial-grade.

What are the standard closet unit dimensions that Build Your Closet recommends?

Build Your Closet designs their custom closets at a height of 84", but also offers a premium height option of 96". All of our walk-in closet designs are created with luxury 22" deep hanging units. This accommodates hangers and clothing perfectly, allowing the hangers to fit inside the closet unit providing a luxurious look.  Our shelving units are typically designed at 14" deep. Although these are the standards Build Your Closet uses, we have capability to design your project dimensions based on your specific needs, whether it be a special height, depth, or width request.

I have a sloped wall, light switch, vent, window, floor molding or other obstruction that might affect the measurements of my closet. What should I do?

If you have any obstructions, please note them in the comment section including what the obstruction is, and the wall it is located on. Uploading a photo of these obstructions will be very helpful as well. If you do not want these obstructions covered by your closet, please measure around them.

I have a photo of a closet I like. Can you make it?

Absolutely! If there is a finish, solid-surface color, accessory, or special feature you want included in your closet, uploading a photo of your desired closet will be very helpful! With thermoforming capabilities, Build Your Closet can create a variety of styles and shapes for any closet. Although Build Your Closet may not be able to produce all aspects of the closet in your photo, we will do our best to create something similar that you will love! You can find closet inspiration photos by visiting our Pinterest page.

I have special requests for my closet, such as a different finish, shape, or accessory that is not available on the design form. Can I create a special order with the design I am wanting?

Yes! If there is a finish, solid-surface color, accessory, or special feature you want included in your closet, please include it in the comment section along with the text “Special Order.” With thermoforming capabilities, Build Your Closet can create a variety of styles and shapes for any closet. Although we may not keep a specific finish or accessory in stock, when you use the comment section or upload a photo to describe what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you!

How quickly can I expect to receive my rendering?

You can expect to receive your rendering via your Build Your Closet account within 3 to 4 business days.

Can I communicate with my Build Your Closet engineer?

Yes! Our engineers and design professionals read every comment and message you send, then discuss your requests to create a rendering of your closet that best fits your requests and price range.

What is the $25 engineering fee for? Is it a charge or a credit?

Because of the engineering time it takes to gather all the data from the design form and create the best closet rendering for you, we charge an initial $25 engineering fee. When you order, this fee becomes a credit toward your closet purchase.

Can I see a photo of what my closet will look like before I order?

Definitely! Build Your Closet will send you a detailed 3D rendering of your closet for your approval before manufacturing. This rendering will display an accurate design and all the features you chose for the closet, although colors may appear to be slightly different. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments as you see fit. Build Your Closet is committed to creating a design that will exceed your expectations!

When do I pay for my order?

After you approve your rendering, you will have the opportunity to pay for your order by use of debit card or credit card. Build Your Closet payments are secure. We keep all your personal information confidential, and we will never sell it to anyone.

Can I cancel my order?

Build Your Closet allows a 24-hour cancellation period after you order. Any cancellations can be made during this period. After the 24-hour window, manufacturing begins. Because your closet is custom made for you, we cannot allow any cancellations once manufacturing begins.

When will my closet be shipped?

Your closet will typically be ready for shipment in 3-4 weeks, although a special order may take longer. You will receive an email with an expected arrival date as soon as your closet ships.

Can I install my closet myself?

For the customer’s safety and convenience, we do not allow do it yourself installation. We provide installation services by qualified professionals. 

Does installation cost extra?

No, installation is included at no extra charge.

Will the installer contact me?

Absolutely! Your installer will contact you within one business day of your closet being shipped to schedule your installation appointment.

Do I need to remove my current closet material before installation?

Don’t worry about it! Our installation professionals will remove your previous closet material for an additional fee. However, we are unable to offer haul-away service. Build Your Closet recommends purchasing a Dumpster in a Bag or Bagster from your local hardware store or waste management company if you’re unable to dispose of the closet material yourself.

Does Build Your Closet provide haul-away service for my empty boxes?

Build Your Closet does not provide haul-away service, but our installer will be happy to gather your empty boxes and place them in the location of your choice, such as your garbage can, a Dumpster in a Bag, your garage, etc.

Can I return or exchange my closet?

Due to the custom nature of our closets, we do not allow returns or exchanges.